FMP – Trailer analysis


FMP – Evaluation

To create my film trailer we used various equipment and software. For equipment I used a tripod, monopod, DSLR, Drift hd Ghost  and i also used various bits of sound equipment, to edit and compress the video I used Final Cut pro, After Effects, Compressor and then I had to use MPEG Steamclip.

For the poster and DVD I used Photoshop to edit the pictures I took in the studio using a DSLR and a basic one-light lighting system.

We had a few issues with communication in the production of making our film trailer, on more then one occasion one or more of our actors said they couldn’t turn up on a designated day we all choose because they had made “other plans’ luckily we worked around this and managed to complete what we needed to do to be able to put together our film trailer. We also had didn’t get all the clips we desired but we worked around it by slightly changing the story.

My final products do differ a considerable amount to how I envisioned them to be, as we had to have a few story changes due to actor communication, our original story had to be scrapped because of the ‘racism’ which could be taken offensively. We changed the story to a depressed brother and a sister, the brother kills himself and the sister take his place, to a depressed brother and an alcoholic brother, the depressed brother kills himself and gets possessed because  of the curse the necklace gives you, I do much prefer the latter of the stories though because it seems like it would be far more captivating were we to develop the actual movie.

The movie I thought would end up a far quicker pace but I had to slow it to make the music good and fit in with the clips, I also didn’t expect myself to figure out how to put special effects on some clips and also increase the dB on my audio to make the audience jump.

The poster is how to thought it would be, with a picture of the devil on the front I never used to be able to create realisticish scars within Photoshop, but I have developed the skills to do so

The DVD cover is a bit different to how I thought it would be, with the back being so light yet dark at the same time. I think the biggest flaw of my DVD cover is where it says “Death is Broken” I think it’s a bit cheesy and I’m not really keen on it.


Most people didn’t like my edit of Dan/The Devil, because they said it was “too much”, they liked the rest of the poster with no other feed back. I did however tone down the edit of Dan.


I had pretty much the same feedback for my DVD cover, people didn’t like the edit of Dan very much so I toned that down as I did with the poster, they also said that they weren’t too keen on the spine, as it was too boring and just overall bland so I made that better by putting some eyes on the spine, then after I did that they said that the text I wrote was not readable because the picture was too dark so I had to lighten it up. And make the text pop out a bit.


My classmates said they liked the effects and the audio of my trailer but they found a few flaws, being; 1:07 in the text on the title screen goes off the page a little, and also Tyras puts his necklace on twice during the trailer.


When comparing my Film trailer to that of “Redemption” by watching this trailer after I had edited mine together I understand how I need to have better title screens and make them fit in better with the trailer instead of just having black on the screen with white text, I should have spent some time creating some title screen animations.

FMP – Final products

DSC_7023 Version6

FMP – Roles Report

For the production of this assignment I was both an Actor and the co-director, my job was to say a few lines whilst acting and make sure I didn’t look at the camera, my job as the co-director involved making sure everything ran smoothly, I had to ensure we were getting the clips that were needed and if we didn’t get them, make sure that we reshot to get them. I also has to tell everyone what to do and hurry up with it all otherwise we would have sat down all night.

FMP – Story Boards

storyboard-1 storyboard-1-1 storyboard-21 storyboard-61 storyboard-71 storyboard-30001-1

FMP – Dvd cover analysis


FMP – Certification

The BBFC is an organization whom regulate and certificate  movies within the United Kingdom. They choose the ratings by picking up on; violence, language, nudity, sex, theme,

As a group we decided to rate out film trailer at 15 because, of the following reasons

  • violence (self harm, hanging)
  • imitable behavior (self harm)
  • language (f-words, s-words, ect)
  • horror (blood from wrists, ect)

If we cut specific scene were excess gore is shown, we could cut down the age rating to 12a in order to open the target audience up and make more money